3 Benefits of Ayahuasca that can Change your Life

Is it just the hallucination effect or is it more than that? Is ayahuasca right for me? Such question must arise in mind as you begin the journey to try this ancient plant therapy. The truth is no one can tell you whether it can suit or not. In Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca is given to people for healing the mind, soul, and body. The best way to know whether the drink is right for you or not, can be done by trusting your own intuition.

Although, one cannot avoid the benefits it has on the body. It connects a person in the various form that is otherwise, not possible. Here are some benefits of consuming this holy brew:

1. Builds Spiritual Connections

Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca retreats

If you are someone who seeks spiritual connection, this is exactly what you need. It connects the soul with the supreme power of the universe, building a connection spiritually. This holy plant works in a different way. Our spirits are interconnected with each other and the universe, and to bring peace and prosperity in the life, the spiritual connection is necessary. This plant if taken in different forms helps in connecting different souls to one another.

2. Offers better Emotional and Mental Health

Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca retreats

We all need to maintain our emotional and mental health. This plant consists of many things and the most outstanding one is the lesson to self-acceptance. Ego is a powerful thing that rules the personality of an individual. In this world, human souls are busy fulfilling their deeds, giving very less time to themselves. In places like Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca is offered to people seeking internal mental and emotional stability in life. In a pure form, the body will release its negatives, accepting the truths of life. Recognizing one’s own self will help you embrace your nature. If you ever experienced hate, despair, guilt or shame in your life, you will be able to set yourself free from such emotional traumas of life.

3. Acceptance of the Present in its Best Form

Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca retreats

The plant teaches the value to live in present. Time is an illusion and this is what the plant teaches us in a tremendous form. Human beings should live in the present, but what we do is waste time in over thinking, obsessing over things. The magical plant teaches us the importance of living in the present and learning from the past. There is no point to hold the past that may spoil the future of an individual.

Ego can be defined as the viewpoint we have about our self. Through consuming the brew, one understands that ego must not influence the nature of a person. You will experience the death of your ego as you come in contact with this pure plant. Your mind will be opened to new ideas and perception, giving a broader picture to you in life. Your mind will be allowed to the beauty in life. In Iquitos, Peru, ayahuasca retreats are helping millions of individuals to accomplish their goals in life.


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